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Issue with "making changes to a thing"

A popup appears. Type a name in a “Player” search box and type another name in an “Opponent” search box. Select the current date and time using the TimePicker. Press “Start Match.” Select the “Player” name from the dropdown that has a placeholder of “Player.” Now press the top left green rectangular button (it has no label for the user to see, but I have titled it “Deuce Wide Top” for the developer side to see).

When that green button is pressed, it should start a workflow that updates some stuff in the datasets. There is an “Individual Match Data” dataset, with a field called “Deuce Wide” with type “number.” When the button is pressed, it should filter out all the entries in the “Individual Match Data” dataset by the two players that were searched in the popup and the date and time that were selected and add + 1 to the current number in that cell. However, it is not updating it. I am unable to add + 1 to this number.

What am I doing wrong? It seems I can only add + 1 to a dataset if it is from something you can access on the page (for example, I put the “Deuce Wide” with type “number” in the “Player” dataset that is associated with the players that were searched in the search boxes, and it makes a change to that number very easily.

Any responses are appreciated!

Check that the “search for individual match datas:first item” is not returning 0 results in the step-by-step debugger. That would be my guess. if you find that it is returning the correct result let me know and i’ll look again.

I ended up doing:

:filtered:last item

and that made it work