Issue with multi-file uploader and how to add more files to a list of files

Bonjour à tous,

I really need your help. So far the existing threads on the forum have helped me a lot. This time I think I should explain my problem.

*The application is in French.

  1. In my application database, I have a User type and a Contract type.
  2. In the application, the User is invited to click on the New Contract button to add a Contract to the database.
  3. A pop-up “A” opens and invites him to fill in the fields of his Contract, including the “list of files” field. To upload files, I use Bubble’s Multi-file Uploader plugin.
  4. When the User clicks on Save, I have the files associated with the Contract created by the User. The workflow seems to work (screenshot 1),
  5. To view the fields filled in by the User for each Contract, I created a view using a Repeating Group
  6. The User can click on each line to display a new pop-up “B” (different from the first pop-up “A”). This pop-up B contains all the fields of the Contract type with a display datas function. In screenshot 2, I display the files that are already uploaded to the selected Contract (it works),
  7. The User can modify all the data and by clicking on Modify and the Make changes to thing workflow is triggered. I have included the modified file list as you can see in screenshot 3.
  8. The new file(s) are indeed downloaded into the database but are not attached to the Contract.
  9. I tried to use the Make changes to a list of thing workflow, but that adds the new files to all Contracts, so not in a targeted way.

Can you help me ?

I found how to solve my issue !
I detached the workflow into a dedicated workflow and added the condition that Mutli-file Upload’s value changed. It works well !

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