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Issue with new message "flag" in app

In my app, I have a “plus” icon that I want to make visible when a new message is added by a user.

For the user who submits a message (i.e. presses a “submit” button), I can make the “plus” icon visible - but it’s only visible to the user who submitted the message. The “plus” icon doesn’t become visible to the other users.

Both users (one on Chrome and one on Safari) can see the message. But only the user submitting the message sees the “plus” icon appear (signifying a new message).

Seems I’m missing something basic to make the “plus” icon visible to all users?

I’d post workflows but not sure how to on this tool (though the workflow is fairly straighfoward)

I think it depends on how you’re defining if a message is “new”. Do you have a database field somewhere that has the date then a conditional in your plus icon that says is visible when a new message is within a certain date range or other indicator?

If you take a few screenshots and put it here I’m sure that would make it clearer.

Here are some screenshots. I implemented a different approach to see if that would fix it - but it doesn’t.

When I click on a “submit” button to add a message entry to RG, I make the following change to Current User (New Question Flag = “yes”)

This in turns triggers the “plus” icon to become visible and change to red color.

For the User who submits the message, everything works fine - the message shows in RG, the red “plus” icon becomes visible, etc. And the reverse flow to hide the “plus” icon works fine too for the User submitting the message.

For other Users, they can see the new message in the RG, but they don’t get the “plus” icon.

In the database, “New Question Flag” is set correctly for User who submitted the question - but not for the other user.

Well the icon won’t show for other users because your conditional New Question Flag.
For not the Current User it won’t have any value that’s why you don’t see it all as it’s not set to No either for other users.

It seems you just want Users to know there is a New Question from someone else - is that correct?
But I’m not sure how you’re turning off New Question - do you expect the creator to turn it off, or it to stay new no matter what if the other user doesn’t read it?

The way I’ve done this before is to do a date range search based on the newly entered information. So you can say if there are any new entries within x timeframe show this icon. This way new things will always show up and old things will automatically disappear.

So it depends on how you envision it to work…

The behavior I’m looking for is that if anyone submits a message, the “plus” icon will show up on each users screen. When a user clicks on the message (or any new message), then the “plus” icon disappears for that user. All other users would still have the “plus” icon showing on their respective screen (until they too click on any of the messages, then the “plus” icon would disappear for them).

I looked at “Trigger a custom event when data changes” 'cause I think that may work for me. But for some reason I can’t enter a “Custom Event” (see pic with red box). Not sure if it’s a defect or I’m not setting something (or configuring) something correctly.
Any guidance on the Trigger when data changes? Thanks!

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