Issue with Onboarding Screen with App Animation

Hi guys,

I am trying to create a really simple on-boarding screen. When the user is logged out it runs a workflow. The issue I am having as you can see from the video is, the animation (transition) I am using seems to impact the page height as when the user presses the next button once the transition is loaded, there is no issue but if they press it quickly, the next screen dosent load to the very top. I have attached a gif which will better describe the issue.

The workflow on the next button is go to page and send URL parameters

Besides removing the transition is there a solution to this? GIF 1 shows it works, GIF 2 when its pressed to quickly (2)

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Hey guys, is there an obvious answer to this?

Probably something to do with the elements on the page. Is there something above the image that’s potentially hidden but not collapsed when hidden?

I have had a look and sadly can’t see anything obvious. Below are my settings for each group. I do have a floating group at the very top and a floating group at the bottom.

I have attached some screenshots of all of the groups - let me know if anything obvious

Could it be the prawns?

Just tried to delete them and issue is still there. I have attached some screenshots of the settings I am using of the prawns and the group it sits in

Looks like there is a top margin of 60

Just removed that and strangely still having the same issue. Very odd

Maybe there is a way to scroll the element to the top when pressed?

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