Issue with simple data link not appearing

I encountered this odd issue working on some improvements to my dropdown visibility, now a fairly simple condition to a search for the dropdown source.

My data has multiple Processes, which is ultimately what I want to filter, and each one has a field that is a list of Tags.

I then have a dropdown that allows me to select the tags

And another that allows me to select the processes that match

Whcih never displays any option if the first dropdown is selected. While fault finding it seems that anything to do with finding the tags via the second dropdown returns no results, even a simple text field referensing the name or the count


I’m at a loss to what else to try, it seems like such a simple thing but I’m sure I must have missed something

  1. Have you checked your issue via debugger?
  2. I can see that you have 1 condition at your Filter Process element. Don’t you conditionally change the data source there?

Thanks for replying, debugger doesn’t show anything, there are no actions for the changing of the dropdown function.
The condition on the filter process element hides it when there is no user logged in

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You can not only debug actions, but also explore dynamic expression values there. So in debug mode click on inspect button and choose the dropdown you have problems with. There will be your search result and you’ll be able to check how the expression evaluates.

Just to clarify, do you have any privacy rules for Process data type?

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