Issue with sorting, please help!

Hey All,

I have a makeshift pivot table that was made with help of some of you. It works exactly as it should. What I am struggling to do is make two repeating groups that are of two different data types filter the same. Please see this video, hopefully it makes sense:

I am so thrilled to have this wonderful community.

All the best,

Hi there, @ben4… I could be way off base here, but at the 1:18-ish mark in the video, you show the repeating group for attendances, and I don’t see any constraints on the search that have anything to do with the course dates. So, as you change the dates, I don’t think I would expect the attendance records to be changing because the repeating group’s search doesn’t have a date-related constraint.

Also, I’m confused because your whole post is framed around sorting, but if I understand the video correctly, you are talking more about getting the correct data to appear as opposed to having it appear in the correct order, right?

Anyway, like I said, I could be way off base here, so if I have misunderstood the video and this response is complete gibberish, let’s just pretend I was never here, okay? :slight_smile:


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