Issues displaying data from a data type filtered by query parameter

I have a table whose data source is a Do a search for [Data type X]:filtered (unique id = get Z from URL). Here’s what I’ve tested:

  • I tried removing all privacy rules on the data types included or referenced in any field of the data I am trying to display in the table.
  • I have successfully pulled the record(s) associated with the “get Z from URL.”

Does anyone have recommendations about what else I can try?

What’s the problem?

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The problem was that the table showed 0 records - i.e., Bubble said that there are no records found based on the filters set up.

The expression used for the data source had 2 components:

  1. Do a search for
  2. Filtered by

Each component of the expression is functional by itself, but they don’t work together for some reason (again, not a privacy rules setting issue, and I double-checked that there are in fact records that meet the criteria by the applied filters). I’ve shifted my focus to working on other aspects of the project, but I’ll try to provide screenshots and examples when I am able (or hopefully a solution if I figure it out myself :grin:).