Issues filling in forms and totaling while in mobile

Main function of app is invoicing
Have it set up so you fill in line by line, item name and item price, two separate fills.
At the bottom I have it set to auto add each price up as the initial content and it’s uneditable. Then when saved it saves all the data etc.

It has been working fine for the past 5 months, built originally for mobile and expanded to an admin desktop page.

Recently though when inputting data into a new invoice from mobile devices, iPhone and android alike, the total box will not add up all boxes. It’s completely random as to which boxes it will and won’t add up.

It will also sometimes erase the price for the line item after it has been saved, but sometimes not. The totaling feature and the erasing feature do not seem to be directly related, sometimes the total will match what was deleted and other times it won’t.

This only happens from mobile browsers, nothing has been changed with this part of the app since it’s inception 5 month’s ago so I’m at a loss.

And it’s so bad that it’s rendering the mobile (main use) of the app useless.

Submitted bug report, copying info here maybe someone can help until then.

Creating a new invoice, the prices will sometimes not be reflected in the total at the bottom, sometimes they will. Sometimes the prices completely disappear randomly when invoice is created, the total may or may not reflect. Creating invoice from pc or mac works fine, only when using mobile device is issue discovered. App has been in service for 5 month’s now and this only just recently started.

Step-by-step instructions:
Log on from mobile device, android or iPhone are only devices used for app.

Contractor page will load, at bottom of screen is create new invoice button.

Click button, element to input data for new invoice appears.

Required items at top, po number, apt number, complex.

Below that are line by line work completed items. Must fill in left side before you can input a price for the work completed.

After inputting first item, then price, and continuing down the form for all work completed. The total at the bottom is set to add up and reflect the sum of all price boxes in real time. Then when create invoice button clicked workflow causes each item to be saved seperately and the total to be reflected in the invoice data along with top of invoice information.

after creating invoice, it’ll show up in repeating group at the top of the contractor page. You can click on it to view the details.

Sorry if the device you’re using has some of the items scrunched up. Still working on proper responsiveness.

Ok, Uploaded screenshots

1st screenshot - shows invoice top info inputted and first line inputted. Total not reflecting at all.

2nd screenshot - shows 3 total lines inputted with price, only 3rd price is reflected in the total below it, the $1.

3rd screenshot - shows the created invoice in view mode after it’s been made. The alignment of somethings seems jacked up, my current phone is smaller than what the app is set to, but you can see that the prices for items 1 and 2 are completely gone and not reflected in the total either.