Issues passing JSON data - Chargebee API Call

Hey Bubble community,

I am having issues passing JSON data in my API call. I am using Bubble’s API Connector and have added pictures below:

I am trying to run a create a subscription:

The body JSON object is this (which I imported from cURL - Chargebee’s API docs). I already have a plan created with a plan_id of basic01.

“plan_id”: “basic01”,
“auto_collection”: “off”,
“customer[first_name]”: “John”,
“customer[last_name]”: “Doe”,
“customer[email]”: “”,
“billing_address[first_name]”: “John”,
“billing_address[last_name]”: “Doe”,
“billing_address[line1]”: “PO Box 9999”,
“billing_address[city]”: “Walnut”,
“billing_address[state]”: “California”,
“billing_address[zip]”: “91789”,
“billing_address[country]”: “US”

And this is the error I keep getting when I initialize the call:

Is there a glaring error that I am not seeing? Does anyone have any ideas how to get this call initialized and passing information?

I am not a developer but have been building our app in bubble for the past 18 months.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi we are trying the similar thing. Just wanted to see if you got it working?

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