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Issues to navigate on mobile devices


I’m developing my first app and it’s working just fine on my laptop, but I´m having issues when I try the app on a mobile device. It doesn’t navigate througout the different pages even when the URL changes.

Regarding the method employed for navigating, at the beginning I was employing buttons with links with workflow action and now I have installed a slidable menu plugin but I have the same issue.

The same happens when I try to go directly to any page of the app different than the “Home” page. It always shows the same page indistinctly of the page I type on the browser.

Any idea of how can I fix this?

I can help you in mobile responsive. Please send PM

Are you using a template?

What browser are you testing in for Mobile ?

Hi, I’m not using a template. I have developed the platform from scratch. I have tested in Safari and Google Chrome.

Can you share your workflow action that you use to change the screen?

Sounds like a weird issue. Maybe if there’s nothing sensitive you could open the editor up for people to view and check out. Alternatively if you’re able to create a working example of this issue in a blank app somebody could also help you figure out the problem

Please, see below the screenshots:

Hello I have this same issue, please how did you solve it?
The apps go to a page works perfectly on a laptop but works differently on a mobile.
How can one solve that.

Hello please, how can you solve it?