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Issues with Bubble Partner

Hey all,

We are currently working on a 80 screen webapp project with a bubble partner.

What is our recourse when we run into endless delays and missed deadlines, repeated excuses for work not being completed on time?

We have paid consistently and provided our own staff to test (Q&A) any work completed.



That is an issue for you and your legal team…should have all been built into the contract.

Hi Niels,

Eek, I’m sorry for that. That sounds frustrating and expensive :frowning:

I’ve never heard anything but positive feedback regarding bubble partners (not saying they’re saints or not, I have no idea tbh), so I’m not sure if there is “an official” path of recourse, per say.

I’m guessing you’ve sought the typical resolutions in this type of situation (delayed shipments) to unsuccessful ends? I’m saying very humbly with no idea of your specific situation, that software development timelines can be tricky, especially dealing with developer teams who have limited experience building the specific features your application might require. And your app sounds very feature intensive indeed.

Giving the partners the benefit of doubt that they aren’t running you through a loop (again, no way to know without specifics, which aren’t my business nor is this forum, imho, the place to discuss them) and are adhering to their contractual agreements I can say that the bubble platform is hyper agile.

Compared with any other programming language I’m aware of, a bubble dev delivers more developer time + functionality bang for the buck…it could be possible their excuses are legitimate and warrant more patience. It’s likely the same delays another developer team of comparable price and capability would likely be far, far behind where your team is at now.

That being said, if you’ve sought legal resolution due to breaching of contractual agreements to no avail (say, the partners are overseas) and the deal is just sour (say, they took your money and ran), I’m guessing a well documented case to the founders of bubble might lead to their partnership being revoked. I’ve no idea if this would be the case; but it would be my approach if I were in a similar situation.

Other than reputation tarnishing, I personally haven’t read anything in the bubble terms of services that’d be applicable in a situation such as yours.

This is my opinion only and am offering friendly and hopefully objective input from my limited experience with bubble’s forum chatter.

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End the contract, stop paying them, and find another solution. There are plenty of other developers out there willing to do work. Assuming you haven’t changed scope like crazy on them, if they aren’t holding up their end of the bargain they shouldn’t be compensated for the work they aren’t doing.

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