Issues with downloading an Element as PNG

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in my application, users can upload an image and type in their name and then download a certificate with this information as PNG. The result looks like this:

I use the Element to PNG Plugin for this:

The Problem: Sometimes there’s this ugly thick white border appearing in the PNG after the download:
image I have absolutely no idea where it comes from (I adjusted the responsiveness etc. etc.) Sometimes there’s no white border, sometimes it appears.

Any ideas on how I can solve this? I thought about paying 15$ for a plugin, but I’m not sure if this is the root cause…

All the best,

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Wonder if anyone has figured this out. I get a small white border to the left side f the image.

I got it working after testing around for around 2 hours. How I solved it: The element that is being downloaded has the entire background set as the image. Previously, the background was white (potential source of the problem), with the image on top and then in my particular case the Name + Image on top swell (3 LAYERS IN TOTAL).
I reduced it down to two layers and it worked. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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Did it work? If so, could you mark my answer as solution? This way other fellow bubblers can find it quicker. :slight_smile:

Sweet I’ll try it later once I’m in the office. Not sure how many layers I have. I do have 5 text elements, plus the image I’m putting in. Then I think I have the group to set the background/overlay and of course the small box hidden for the plug-in to work in the corner.

No I have not figured it out yet.

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