Issues with gonative when dealing with screen size

I am trying to get my app to fit phones, but i have only managed to fit it on my phone, a Samsung S7. It is a rather large screen, and I wonder if gonative adjusts the height of the app to fit each phone or do I have to pick a certain size that will fit all phones. I am concerned because I have a navigation bar at the bottom of my app and it gets covered up if the screen size is too small. What do I do to remedy this? I wish there was a way to manage the height of the page in the responsive settings.

@aphz88 Facing similar headaches with my app. I’ve tried it for many devices and it works perfectly for my iPhone 6S that I test with, but I get all sorts of results with different devices. Tried sizing it for different devices with a GoNative preview and ran into similar issues. I keep running into the issue where the app looks zoomed-in, and the user has to keep scrolling around esp horizontally when it should be static.

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