Issues with Multi Language Web App

I am currently building a multi-language application and have experienced a few issues.

  1. Option Set
    I have a few option set for status. (ie: Invoice Status: {Paid, Unpaid, Cancelled, Uncollectable}).
    Ideally, I would like to be able to set a display value for each supported language. It “can” be done manually by creating an attribute in the option set for each language, and then conditionnally changing the option caption based on the user language. It requires however to create a condition for each language supported every time an option set is used. It also makes adding a language much more complicated. I would very much prefer not to do that.

  2. Number format
    Default decimal number format seems to be dependant on language. My app is in english/french and they have a different decimal separator ( “.” vs “,” ). If the wrong decimal sepator is used, the input is either not recognized, or the separator is simply ignored and the value is overstated times 10 or 100. Is it possible to set a consistent number format for my app, regardless of the user language?


Hey, have you found a solution for #1 by any chance? I currently have the same issue

I am also looking for a good option for #1