Issues with video on an iPad

So I am working on a plugin for our app and it has a button where it loads the video then it has autoplay enabled but it only plays on an ipad when the sound is muted. Also if you try to unmute the video it pauses the video and you have to hit play again in order to get the video to play with sound. I’m not sure if you guys are able to help with this but any help would be appreciative the ipad is a (9th generation ipad) on version 15.2.

I’m using a div element and I’ve tried so many ways to mute/unmute and autoplay and play when certain event is done I’m running out of options to get this to work the way I want to so any help would be amazing.

I’m using my own code to with with the plugin and the element is called Pure Video and has a list of actions and events to use:
Pause, Play, Volume up, Volume down, mute, unmute, fullscreen, exit fullscreen, click, and max volume.
ended, loaded, click
active(playing), finished, muted

is the editor I’m using:

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You might want to check what iOS allows regarding autoplay:

By default, WebKit will have the following policies:

  • <video autoplay> elements will now honor the autoplay attribute, for elements which meet the following conditions:
    • <video> elements will be allowed to autoplay without a user gesture if their source media contains no audio tracks.

Source: New <video> Policies for iOS | WebKit

I guess what you want to achieve is simply not allowed by Apple.

Ah thanks makes sense since everything I’m doing seems to not work haha. It does work perfectly on the mac I am using but when I switch to the iPad it doesn’t work.

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