It seemed easy but

Good evening

I can’t seem to get over this problem.

I have a database where I have “People”, “Document Category” and “Documents”.
Each people can have multiple documents, each document belongs to a category.

Now I would like a list structured like this:
In a repeating group, for each people, I want to see ALL CATEGORIES OF DOCUMENTS and, for each, if any, the document that belongs to that person and to that category.

It seemed easy to me, but I can’t do it.

This is the editor link for a better understanding of the problem:

If anyone can help me, that would be wonderful!
Thanks in advance.

Check this mock-up I did for someone else recently. I have a similar structure.

I have

Each survey has several questions and a user may have several surveys

You can sort and see each persons individual surveys and then survey questions.

In your case, it sounds like you may want to consider nested RGs
-list of categories
-associated user
-list of documents
-associated user
-associated category

1 RG with a list of users
1 rg that is populated with a list a clicked users categories

In each cell of the second RG another that uses that current cells categories documents as the data source

Thank you
Basically, I cannot find a way to search for category AND for people (it my logic is in someway correct)

Here I would like to say “search for all documents that belong to this category and to this RG cell people”

Is it possible that there is no way to get parent cell value of a RG from a nested RG?

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Just a thought … it would seem to me that the level of your relationships may be in the wrong order. I would have the following:
For each person you may have 0, 1 or more Documents.
Each Document may have one and only 1 category.

I think this design would give you the outcome you desire.
Best Wishes. Mary

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in my mind

i would add a list of categories to each person

and a list of docs and the corresponding user to each category created

with the above change when uploading/createing a document I would first save as a document thing, and in the very next workflow add it to the corresponding users category list so the user has a list of categories, each category has a list of docs

then on the top level RG,
^^^Data source: search for all people

then in each cell you can place a nested RG
^^^data source: this cells list of categories

nest an RG in the first nested RG
^^^data source: this cells list of documents

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