Item counter for database items


I’m trying to display a counter for the amount of items in my database.
Doing this by itself is not hard, just search for X and put :count behind it.

The issue is that whenever the user deletes X from their profile, it is deducted from the counter, any way to get around this so that it doesnt go down, only up?

Hi there, @cvnfortnite… I can think of a couple of ways to do what you described. First, you can simply store the count somewhere and only add to it as items are created. Second, you could never delete items from your database, but rather flag them as deleted (maybe with a yes/no field) so you can use the flag to exclude them from the interface via privacy rules and/or conditions, but they would still be included in a count of items in the database.

Hope this helps.



Yea, was thinking of going with first option.

Second option isnt viable, as i expect to get a large amount of uploaded files = higher cost

Thank you for your suggestions!

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