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Item listing (help please)

Hello I’m new to Bubble and need some help (already spent all day with tutorials).

Im trying to figure how to do this app:

I will have Tesla cars (S, 3, X, Y and Roadster) and want to put them on categories (personal, SUV and roadster).

And for the final. If I check box with
SUV I will see only model X. If I tickle personal I will see only S, 3 and Y.

Can anyone help me with that step by step, please?

I’d suggest:

  1. Creating an option set for the categories (Personal, SUV, roadster)
  2. Create a data type for Cars (Teslas) - include a data field called Category (refer to the option set)
  3. Add a repeating group up top, which searches for all categories with a checkbox in each cell
  4. Add a repeating group below, which searches for all cars (teslas)
  5. A workflow when the checkbox is selected (set a state with the checkbox values)
  6. Add a constraint to the Tesla repeating group which filters based on the categories saved in the state

If you’d like a tutorial to follow along: Advanced Filtering

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