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Items disappearing themselves

Hey everyone!
I’m working on a food delivery application.
When user clicks on Add button in the menu page, I’m doing this

  1. Create a new cart items
  2. Create a new cart and add Step 1’s item to items
  3. Make changes to user, cart = Step 2s cart.

All this is working pretty well since last week. But now when I’m testing it again, items are getting deleted themselves. When I add an item to the cart, it’s getting added and deleted like after 2-3secs all by itself.
Here are the 2 videos, 1st one shows how it was working till yesterday and 2nd one shows how its behaving now
Video 1 -
Video 2 -
Please help!


After checking the logs, found that I’m having an issue with Google API which I’m running in the backend.