Iterate count through repeating group

Trying to figure out if this is possible and if so how?

Something super simple.

How can I have a repeating group and in rach repeating cell it iterates by 1.

Like lets say I have the number 50 as an input outside of the repeating group.
How can I make the group repeat 50 times counting to 50


Somehow do something like count++ in each group? Unsure.
I know I can make a db 1-50 and iterate that but is that a trash way?

Set the RG content type to Number, then generate a list of numbers according to the Number entered in the input.

Hey adam. What is RG short for?

Repeating Group

I do not quite understand what you mean by this:

then generate a list of numbers according to the Number. How do you associate between the repeating groups and iterate?

If I’ve understood your question correctly (and I’m not certain I have), you just need to set the RG datasource to the generated list of numbers.

Can you explain in more detail what you’re trying to do?

Basic example of what I want to do:
I have a start date set to each user (always a Monday)

Lets say this user sells stuff in a store and I note down each sale every day.

I want to start ith the start date and use a repeating group to list out every monday until the currently date.

Then in each cell it will have the weeks totals.

Something like this.

I am trying to iterate the first date but unsure how. Basically, each RG has Last date+7 days…

Unusure how to other then having a db with every monday of a year but that sucks.

You could generate a list of dates (based on your start date…one for each Monday), and then use those dates as your RG datasource.

Then in each cell you can display the total of all sales with a date more than the current cell’s date, and less than the current cell’s data plus 7 days

How do you suppose I do:
You could generate a list of dates

I dont really want to have a db just of Mondays…

There are multiple plugins for generating a list of dates (I’d recommend this one 1T - List of Dates Plugin | Bubble)

damn next time I will check plugins 1st before asking. Cheers

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Each cell has a reference to cell number, could use that to add days to a base date.

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