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I’m currently developing “mentions” on my forum. I want it to work like mentions system here, on bubble forum. User can type “@” and mention some User. Whenever User is mentioned he receive notification.

I’m using “Tagger” plugin for it and it works well but… When there is more than one mention in one message i have a trouble with notifying mentioned Users.

My current workflow looks like this:

“Tagger” plugin have list of texts (list of mentions) on the output. I would like to send notification to each user from that list.

Right now it’s “first item” and it’s notifying only one User because i don’t know how to work around that.

I guess i have iterate through list but i’m not sure how.

Can you help me with that one?

Hi taon,

If you need to iterate, @keith’s List Shifter plugin can’t be beat. The plugin page is here: Plugins | Bubble

You may also be able to do this by scheduling an API workflow on a list. Have you tried using back-end workflows? These are super powerful, and are, I think, the Bubble-esque (to coin a term) way to avoid iterating. As the name suggests, they let you run actions against each item in a list, e.g., a list of users.

The workflow action needs to be enabled in settings, and then can be accessed like so:

You can see the documentation here:

Hopefully this helps! If not, let me know.


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