Iteration Max Reset

I have a workflow that has two steps:

  1. If the number is less than the max, iterate by 1.
  2. If the number is equal to the max, then reset to 0.

Let’s say the Max is 12. If for example, the number is 7, it iterates to 8 ok.

When the number is 11, it iterates to 12… but the second step checks if it’s equal to the max so it resets to 0.

So, my workflow doesn’t stop on the max.

Ideally, the number should iterate from 11 to 12, and then wait at 12 until the next time the workflow is run.

How can I structure my workflow so that it holds on the max?

Hi there, @jeffrey.j.obrien… if I understand your post correctly, one way to go would be to have two workflow events instead of two steps within the same event. Put your conditions on the events themselves, and you should get the desired result.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for taking a look @mikeloc. I tried that but it still had the same result.

I think I figured it out anyway. I am using a parameter for the number. So, when I do my checks now, I check against the original parameter which doesn’t change. Doing testing over the next day but it looks like using a parameter works.

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