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iTheme - A Simple Modern Website Template

iTheme - a Simple, Modern Bubble Template



Drumroll please…

I am proud to introduce iTheme - a simple, modern responsive Bubble template.

Hopefully this gets the ball rolling in the direction of better UI’s.

(The footer’s left column contains a list of all the pages.)


Looks nice.
It seems to be pretty good on responsive design - did you design it with that in mind?

Also I wanted to add login/signup to it - anyway to expand it to include a consistent design around those elements?

Best, John

Thank you.

Yes to the responsive question. I figure that’s pretty necessary for a template.

Regarding sign in. You could change one of the buttons on the dropdown menu to “sign in” which navigates to a clean auth page. Alternatively you could add a button in place of the menu’s user icon which shows a popup.


Responsive definitely looks good on mobile which takes a huge pain out of design for me.
Cool - I can design the signin/login myself.

Definitely going to buy it later today for my new project.

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Awesome & thank you! Best of luck with the project.