Jasonelle Andorid Picture uploader and external url

Hi guys.

I use jasonelle as a wrapper to make an andorid app of my application.

I have issues when using the “native” app on android wrapped by jasonelle:

  1. Picture uploader does not responding.
  2. External url does not upen.

I’ve read there is an issue with picture uploader, but could not found solution anywhere. I face the same issue as many of us before, that my picture uploader does not respond if I open my app which is wrapped with Jasonelle. Has anyone found a solution?

About external url, if I open the app in the browser it works well if I click on the button to open the external url but if I use the wrapped app, it starts loading, but nothin happens.

Lokking forward some help. Thanks for everyone in advance.
I’ve already asked these question on Telegram Jasonelle forum, but no answer yet.

Best regards,

Hi there,

I have the exact same problem, is there any solution to it?


On Telegram, in the Jasonelle forum I got the next link: GitHub - jasonelle/jasonette-android at advanced-webview

This branch works for picture uploader but not for the external url.