Jasonelle - Stripe plugin not working

Hello guys,

I am building a location-based service in Bubble that I plan to offer as native apps for iOS and Android (first wrapped via Jasonelle/Jasonette; later adding more native functions). Everything works very well so far, but I am running into issues with the Stripe plugin, which is integrated as follows:

  • Users have to register first; in a second step (when accessing that specific feature), they’re asked to also enter their credit card information (but are not already charged, so just using the function “Collect CC information”)

This exact step is not working in the wrapped app anymore as it rejects opening a new tab for the Stripe form (when running the app in the browser, it works - but always opens a new tab on my Android phone). Is there a way to stop Stripe from trying to open a new tab on mobile devices (it doesn’t do that on Desktops)? Or is the only workaround for this issue to completely build the Stripe-Form on my own via Stripe.js? (And if yes, any best practices around for that?)

Many thanks in advance!


Hello @jakob

Apple will shutdown your app if you’re using external payment processor. I will suggest to contact your customer (email) to redirect payment to your web page and saved 30% of fees (it depend of your business type).

Currently working on the Android app first - and running into the issue of the new tab being opened…

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