Java2bubble - issues saving the output

Hi all, so I have the following javascript running in a workflow, it works as it should and the result is correct but I am having issues saving the output to a custom state.

There are 3 numbers in the result and I was to put each individual number into its own custom state.

The custom state update workflow only works when I click the button a second time, for some reason it never updates on the first click.

The settings are currently as follows…


The workflow step to save to the custom state looks as follows…


Any help would be appreciated.


Apologies, I solved it myself and it was really easy so I will leave this here in case anyone has the same issue.

The workflow was running before the javascript had chance to finish to I unchecked the ‘asynchronous’ option and it now works.

I feel like everybody goes through this when starting out with the toolbox plugin :sweat_smile:

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:rofl: the smallest of details matter don’t they.

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Judging from the timestamps you figured it out in three minutes, so you were definitely quicker than most.


I know, I surprised myself! :laughing: