Javascript to Bubble & API Bulk Import CSV

Hi Bubble friends!

I am looking for someone to help me with the javascript and API elements of my app. My users will need to be able to upload CSVs, but more than 100 rows (what my current plan allows). I currently have the interface set up, but need help getting the data back to Bubble and uploaded via the bulk API to “create new things”.

I’m using because it allows users to map their own headers of their spreadsheet to the field names in the app database, but it is fairly expensive, so if you are familiar with another option, I’m all ears! (Not sure if this can be done with Papaparse for example).

This is a short term opportunity, and probably not overly difficult for some one who understands how to use the Toolbox plugin and understands javascript and the Bubble API. Please message me if you are interested and we can work out a deal!

Here is a thread I’ve been using to guide me: CSV File to JSON


Hi Kelly,
I am happy to take on this project as it is well within my skill set.
Feel free to email me on
Best Wishes,

Thank you everyone for your interest in helping me. This project has been completed!

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Great to hear that you have completed the project, Can you point me in a direction as I need to accomplish the same.

@thegardenfinds, can you let us know who helped you solve this issue?