Javascript working in-app but not in database

In an attempt to get some final help on this, here is where I currently sit.

  1. When the user presses to generate a new call everything works in app preview, when viewing in step-by-step debug mode all the data lines up.

  2. However, in the database, the field I specifically created for latitude and longitude is set to 0,0 (despite in the app preview, the linked field being filled)

  3. The location (geographic address) field is also not filled, despite the latitude and longitude in the app being filled.

  4. If I want to try and generate a new call, I get an error explaining that “We ran into a temporary error, please try again.”

I have decided to share the editor link, to view:

You can see a video of this happening here:

I am desperate to fix this and I am currently days behind schedule because of this confusing error.

When trying to log the Javascript elements list’s count into the database it prints as 0. What am I doing wrong?1 :weary: