[job] looking for someone to help speed optimization


We are looking for someone to help us speed up our webpage loading time from 15s to 5s. It’s a one-time project. You should have previous experience optimizing bubble webpage. Here is our website: https://communityone.io/

If you are interested, please also email me: louisa@communityone.io

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hi! dont see ur email from my mailbox: louisa@communityone.io

lemme text you

Your brand new forum account, forum name not matching email name (Travis?), and mass job posts are all screaming red flags :triangular_flag_on_post:

ronceey1999@gmail.com - this is my original account
registered this recently @chris

if you can trust me though if not don’t ping me via email Thank you

respectfully :pray: :pray:

Hi @luyilousia

Email sent , Please check