[Job Posting] We're looking for Developers Like You!

Hello Bubble Community! We’re looking dedicated and knowledgeable individuals to join our Development, Support, or Sales Team. Most of our development practices come from Bubble and we’re looking for experienced people to help us expand towards the future!

We are happy to answer any questions that will come with this via PM or Email jobs@shopmodernsolution.com

Check us out!
Website - shopmodernsolutions.com
Email - jobs@shopmodernsolution.com
Application Website (Apply Here!) - http://applyformodern.solutions

Hello, on the applications, I suggest making it mobile friendly. It would be more convenient for people who are away from the computer.

Hey Gregory, thanks for the suggestion. We’ve began working on that and it shouldn’t be long before we’re more Mobile Friendly.

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Thank you, yeah, I was going to apply, but the view makes it kind of weird on mobile.

Also wanted to let you guys know:

The “Applications are Open Feel Free to Apply!” section is a bit too close to the text above, it looks kind of awkward.

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