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Jobboards, trigger for each job

Hello everyone

I have an app with a jobboards template. And i want that, for each job, when i click on “apply” it directly open an external website.

Screen for help you to understand my problem :

The problem is : the trigger “when apply button is clicked” do something. So it works for all jobs, not specific one.
I think i have to create one trigger for each job i post but i don’t know how to say “this link for this job” in the workflow

Does someone have an idea ?

Sorry for my english and thanks for your help

In your database, each job should have a field called Job Link. Then, your workflow would use that link to open up the job. You want it to be dynamic, not hardcoded.

What is your database structure?

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Hello !

My database structure look like that :

If someone has an idea !