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Join Habitude - Seeking out a great developer

For the last 6 months we have been working on a business automation / workflow platform called Habitude (see We are targeting groups of schools and helping them to define and automate their everyday business processes. Schools, maybe unsurprisingly, are not always great at this stuff! In the future we plan to expand out into other verticals.

Think of Habitude as as a niche version of Zapier / built for total automation noobs, and structured to help complex organisations stay on top of their admin.

We’re supported by a great team of investors and have strong existing ties across the education system.

We’re now growing out our internal team and looking for a Bubble developer to help us accelerate product development. We are currently three - myself, my co-founder Izzi and our Growth and Operations Lead, Hannah.

I will continue to work on the platform but want to increasingly focus on Business Development.

How we’re building Habitude?

Our platform allows customers to tie together different tools and actions, in any order, inside of their business workflows (which we call habits). This creates an infinite number of permutations and possibilities.

To make this possible we capture customers ‘habits’ inside of long JSON objects that capture the behaviour, sequence and runtime data of each workflow. This avoids us needing to push and pull the database to fit every possible use case, and helps us keep database traffic at a reasonable level. The most technical part of Habitude is the code that maintains interoperability between Bubble and our custom codebase that sits around our JSON defined habits.

On these foundations we’re now building a large number of on and off ramps into and out of these habits so that customers can build increasingly niche solutions to their business challenges.

With Bubble at the centre of Habitude’s stack, we’re also supported by several AWS services, Webflow, PostMark, Zapier and Integromat. I.e. all the familiar favourites. Oh, and we should say that you wouldn’t be joining to fix a broken codebase / Bubble app. Everything is working well, but we do want to increase the speed of development of our product roadmap.

What we’re looking for?

  • A lead developer to head-up the technical development of the platform.
  • Someone who will enjoy solving the complex technical challenges that come with building Habitude.
  • Someone who can find a smart balance between building today’s feature with building a long term architecture that will make Habitude extensible / reliable / easy to maintain as we grow it out.

Our ideal hire would have the following profile:

  • You’re an experienced Bubble that can breeze through core tasks.
  • You have conquered Bubble’s responsive engine, API connector, API workflows, custom plugins.
  • Ideally you have dev. experience away from no-code and are comfortable with JavaScript / Node.js
  • You don’t need to be a UI / UX pro, but you’ll need to be able to follow wireframes and hack together existing elements from elsewhere.


  • Based in UK or Europe preferred. Of course London would be a bonus (we work out of a workspace in Hackney), but not essential.
  • Competitive salary plus share options after 6 months.
  • To apply please drop me a message either here or on ed [at] habitude [dot] co and we can arrange an initial conversation.

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