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Join the NoCode Platform!

Hey, Bubblers!
I’m so proud to announce that we’ve launched a platform for all NoCode developers, where employers and customers can find you in just 2 clicks.

All you need is to:

  • follow the link
    create an account
  • fill out your profile
  • add contacts for communication

That’s it! Your profile will be publicly available in our free catalogue of NoСode freelancers. And in a short while you will receive notifications about the hottest projects.Welcome aboard, and looking forward your feedback :wink:

Hope you find it useful, and please, support us on ProductHunt!
:point_right: Skillum on ProductHunt



The link is failing, got a Slack error…

same here. slack error

It works typing the address link in a browser, do not click on it the url is not correct

Thanks, guys!
I changed the link :blush:

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It’s a good news!

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Pretty cool, @jennifervasilenko… hope it’s a huge success! I’m curious about how you are determining a freelancer’s rating… would you be willing/able to share some details on that? Again, just curious.


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Thank you!
Of course, there is no secret)
The rating depends on the completeness of the profile and the information filled in. The portfolio also has a lot of weight - the more works, the higher the rating. If a freelancer fills in the information incorrectly, we check it and this will also be reflected in the rating)
Further, we will constantly improve the rating system)


I have looked at my profile several times, all fields are filled. And the system says that the profile is only 75% full. How to fill out a profile 100%?

Hi, Igor! I solved the problem immediately after your report. Sorry for the delay in answering.

The platform is working. Recommend. Already two contacts were mentoring. Clients found me thanks to your platform. Thank!


It is a shame that I cannot select Serbia from the list of countries and (I presume) because of that cannot make a payment.

I’m sorry that you have any difficulties, we will try to help you as soon as possible)
Please write in PM your email, I’ll contact you to help.

We apologize for not adding your country right away. We have already corrected our mistake. Enjoy your use of our platform.

The problem with my country was promptly solved, thanks. Payment is still not available since I get the same error with different cards. Listening to advices from Platon’s support made no progress. Please test your payment processor.

If your problem still needs a solution, please take a screenshot of the error message. Also, the support of the payment system asks for the last 4 digits of the card, order number, amount. Please send this information to the mail: [email protected] or to the chat on the site.

Best regards, Skillum.rpo support