Join two fields from same table in search

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I want to create a list (via a search) that includes the first name and last name in the result. I can get the first name but if I add the last name in that same way it lists all the first names and then all the last names.

Can you help? Thanks JG

If you post a screen shot or 2 of your editor it would be helpful.

I’m not sure exactly what you are trying to do here (like SerPounce said, a screenshot or two is always helpful), but I have a dropdown in one of my apps where I do exactly what you are describing. Here is how that dropdown is configured…

Another option is to create a full name field in the same datatype where the first name and last name fields exist, and populate that field upon creation with the first name, last name. Then, use the full name field in your searches.

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Thanks @SerPounce and @mikeloc

So this is the current output


But I’d like it to read:

Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse

Thanks JG

What is the purpose of the list? Is it for someone to be able to select one of the options in order to populate a field in the database? The fact that the element in your screenshot is labeled Input seems to imply that, and if that’s the case, the dropdown idea I initially posted might help you out.

remove the comma and remove the second search…I think

Then you have one search

“search for Professional_Clearances’s Contacts’s First Name Contact’s Last Name,”

Not sure you can actually do that though

What will work is if you create a repeating group

then have the datasource be

Do search for “professional_clearances”

with constraint

organization = current page organisation

Then in the R.G add a text element and use the current cells first name last name

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While (as others point out) this makes absolutely no sense as the initial value of what appears to be a regular ol’ input, it is annoying that we cannot take a list of things and do more complex mappings to their fields.

The OP has a list of Users and now wants to map that to a list of texts that are User’s First Name User’s Last Name.

This transformation is, in fact, impossible in a Bubble expression… Even though Bubble is obviously just running a map function when we do:


If we are a smartypants we might say, “Ah, I bet we can do :formatted as to return what we want.” But we can’t, because the long text inputs in “formatted as text” don’t give us an option for “this thing’s field”. (Which would be the natural Bubbly way to implement this.)

A similar, and even more obnoxious problem is that we can’t do numeric operations in this way (which leads to all sorts of goofy misuses of repeating groups, right?).

You can do all this stuff with List Shifter, but I’d far prefer to be able to do simple map functions in an expression.

(If we had a plug-in API to expressions, the community could solve all this of course, but we don’t.)

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