Join us Thursday for Peer-to-Peer Study Groups and Q&A!

Thank you to everyone who has attended our past few Thursday Office Hours and for providing your feedback! It’s been great to meet each of you who have joined and to see how peer-to-peer guidance can really move the needle in such a positive way.

Based on your feedback, we’ve decided to make a couple of adjustments to how these Thursday events will be run. First, we’ll be changing the name to Peer-to-Peer Study Groups to better reflect the spirit of this recurring event. Next, rather than bouncing around each breakout room, I will hang back in the main room to answer any questions about Bubble.

This new format will enable you to get specific app help from your peers in the study groups and participate in an ongoing Q&A about Bubble in the main room. Looking forward to connecting with you all again on Thursday!

Register for the next event here.


will there be another one?


We’ll be changing the frequency of these events. Keep an eye out for a post regarding the next session in the next few weeks.

Hi @carla any new dates for office hours?


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