Joining together several text fields with dynamic data

Hi, I have situation where I have several Drop-downs with choices and each choice would have a different code which will be displayed separately. Now I need to make one common field where all those code values are joined together in one long code. I created separate text field for this long code and expected to add “Dynamic data” and select just “Txt Product Type value” etc… the Dynamic data entry doesn’t allow me to to have an option ‘value’. It allows to operate with ‘height’ and ‘width’ which I believe refer to field size. Belwo are pictures from Designer view, Dynamic data field & UserView… What I try to achieve is one long code like P185NX… etc…
Please give me some hints…

User view

Designer view

Do you need to be able to use this code later to get the settings for a specific code?

Yes, this code will be part of the Master Data in future operations.

You can use a URL with parameters for each option, which is what I’d do.

If you really need this fancy code, you can use Regex assuming each setting has a fixed character length. So, for each setting, extract the relevant characters from the string and then set the initial content of the setting to the relevant setting using filtering.

Thanks George. I am beginner here and this is too complex for my understanding. I believe there should be an option to combine several fields together so I will leave it for now and continue to work on other parts. I am more building like proof of concept with help of ChatGPT and will handover this project to experts once my proof of concept is working. This “fancy code” is so important, because this is the way how we communicate product technical data across our European plants. ERP systems apply random Item Nr. and Description field is not very precise for full product communication. And we have 10’000 of them…

URL parameters are your friend here.

I did solve this myself and figured out solution. I fetched these special individual codes from Data Type where the dropdown selections are with corresponding coding values. So instead of taking this data from visual text field, I took it from data base. I also needed to add Constraint in a Search for. So it looks like this in end and works :slight_smile:

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