Joshua's free designs : free cads and other stuff

Welcome to joshua’s free designs we fell bad for people that can’t buy anything so my company is stelling everything free of charge we a have

Cads :

Google from application

Department sop

Department roster

10 codes list

And much more to come

We wish to have the best service ever, we hireing in all jobs thats sales and support team, and we have some of the best cads that are free right now, so join today to get your cad

Hey, I am really in need of a CAD rn. the person who created the CAD for my server is threatening to take it away, it would be really helpful if you could get me one.

I need a cad for my rp group and if you could dm me or if I could have something of your ms on discord so I can talk to you about a cad thanks.

Ok i have close drown put i knoe a company that have 3

Hey, the Invite link doesn’t work for me. I did join it but then left by accident

I close becuse nobody would join and i delete all my cads i have

Add me on Discord mate “ZINKS123#1042”

Ok i well

It did’t work

Hello, I am in need of a CAD/MDT for my community. I would like a design somewhat similar to Polecat324’s but any other one would be fine. Please contact me on discord (LabRadd#3365) if you have any available

Hello my name is Joshua and i am the owner of serverwide chill and we are a community that plays many different games like gta 5,fivem,all call of duy games, and other times you would play and we a economy bot to have fun with if you like that kind of stuff, we have 2 awsome owners/co-owner thats me and gold and i are think starting a shop inside this server as a small business, and we are looking for staff as well so if you want to join our staff or support team just dm me or gold and we will get to you shortly and we are in need in more members, we try to host monthly or even weekly giveaways.

PLEASE join and open a ticket

That one is invaild i will get a new invite asap

invites are invalid

DM me EvilHaddock3023 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ#1676.