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JotForm to Bubble Connection

I’m looking for some help connecting multiple JotForms ( to my bubble app. The basic workflow is this:

The user fills out various JotForms that are embedded in my webapp, and the app then retrieves the answers from the form and puts them into the bubble database for further manipulation.

The app would ideally send something within the form (or perhaps a URL parameter?) that will ensure the answers are tied to the current user.

I know JotForm has an API and supports webhooks…but I’m out of my league when it comes to creating the connection.

Can anyone here help?



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Hey mate, have you considered just creating the forms directly within bubble and eliminate the need to embed or connect to Jotform?


Hi Michael,

I believe that I can assist you with this. Please check your PM.

Gabriel A.

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Hey Brett,

I have, but the forms are pretty complex (logic, answer piping, etc.) and I like the look & feel, ease of editing, etc. that JotForm offers.

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Hi Micheal, Did you solve this problem. Would be interested to know how you did it.

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Have you integrated JotForm or did you build it natively in bubble? I have the same requirements now for a project I’m working on and I’m not sure which direction to explore.

@gabriel.cisin20 I’m looking to integrate my Jotform with, would love to discuss and see if you can assist me on this project. I’m trying to add a dashboard component, so when users log in can view their past entries. I’m using Outseta as a membership software.