JSONtools get value from a foreign key field?

Hi, i am trying to display a valve from a foreign key field using JSONtools but nothing seems to work, following is the link to the test app.


I want to dispaly the “Vehicle Type” 's Name field in OutPut text, the value is retrieved from the JSONtools from Vehicle table as a foreign key.

Plugin doesn’t recurse on the lists within fields, and also doesn’t evaluate the relationships in the database structure (as Vehicle – Vehicle Type). You can resolve this with two JSON elements, where you could use Bubble’s native query capabilities to match both sets.

Thank you for helping out, i have tried to add another JSON element and cant seem to make it work. Can you please look into the above editor link, thank you.

Please look at the queries for both JSON elements. Also make tests what happens if you don’t have data for vehicle type for a certain vehicle.

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