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[July 30 2020] BDK Native Apps v1.8 Released

BDK Native Apps - Version 1.8 released

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Updates in v1.8

July 30, 2020

New Features

  1. Enabled support for Biometrics verification (e.g. Face ID, Touch ID) on iOS and Android

  2. Added Smartlogin feature for one-touch login on any device (including those without biometrics)

    We built this from scratch to seamlessly integrate with your bubble app.

  3. Added ability to trigger device vibration with customisations

    Now you can build truly native feeling apps by adding haptic feedback (e.g. on button press)

  4. Enabled support for handling sharing image media to other apps

    Great for content sharing to social media apps like instagram, facebook, twitter etc.

  5. Added ability to trigger Rating prompt for your app

    • The prompt on iOS will launch inside the app itself like most modern app
    • Android users will be taken to your app’s play store page to rate it. Pressing back button on device will switch back to your app
  6. Added ability to play Video Playlists on iOS app

  7. Enabled the status bar colouring for android devices (previously available only on iOS)

    • You can specify the default colour in your project page during app build
    • The workflow action used for iOS will automatically start working on Android. No changes tbd
  8. Enhanced the Appinfo element with new outputs & events

    For full list, refer plugin documentation → Appinfo element

    New outputs added

    • Is Biometrics available is a yes/no field if the device is capable of using fingerprint or face authentication
    • Is SmartLogin available is a yes/no field if the users’ login credentials (email and password) have been stored on the device
    • Is Offline is a yes/no field if the device is offline and no when the device is online

    New events added

    • Device went offline is triggered when the internet gets disconnected
    • Device back offline is triggered when the internet gets re-connected

Plugin Enhancements

These features are plugin-only changes. It is available retrospectively to all engine versions

  1. Auto-detect device online / offline status and trigger events when the user is on the app

    This feature works in the web-only app as well i.e. not only native app

  2. Enhanced push notifications with more customisations

    1. Attach an image to the notification message. Image shows in notification preview

    2. Specify Onesignal api key and app id in the workflow step. It overrides the values provided in the plugins → Native apps (bdk) tab

      This allows you to build multiple native apps that are driven by the same bubble apps more easily, as each native app has to have a unique onesignal app id

  3. Made all native workflows platform-aware

    Any native device related workflow intelligently skips itself when it is

    1. Run in browser i.e. not in native app
    2. Run in a platform it is not meant for e.g. iOS-only workflow step on Android
    3. Run in a incompatible engine version e.g. a v1.8 feature run on app built on the v1.7 engine

Other Updates

  1. Users with Individual developer accounts with Apple can get their apps built with BDK Native
    • We continue to recommend you take an Organization enrolment if you have a legal entity
  2. You can specify to us while submitting your project some additional customization
    • Optionally restrict iOS apps to iPhones / iPads
    • Optionally have auto-removal of loading screen i.e. eliminate BN - Remove Loading workflow from app

Don’t wait up. Try it out today by clicking below

app-ios-png-4 android-logo-256_256



I have to say Gaurav, RESPECT :clap:.

This 1.8 Release is impressive. I love BDK Native even more.

We have been using BDK Native from the beginning and it never disappoint. It has transformed our app into native with native features.

Keep up the great work.


@gaurav you are an amazing asset to the eco-system - well done, can’t wait to get my teeth into these new features

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Thank you @vascolucci and @wegetdesign :smiley::smiley:
It’s feedback from folks like you that really inspires me to keep making it better!



Hi all,

has anyone been having issues with login/signup on Android?

My signup/in seems to work fine on iOS & Desktop, but not on android. Just won’t sign the user in.

Wondering if anyone else has this issue.

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Any plans for audio playlists?

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Awesome !!! :clap:t2:

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Just realized there was a bug in the bdk native app for this specific use case. Its’ fixed. Can you try now?

Added to my list :slight_smile:

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Biometrics!!! Great work

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Check out a pretty cool service built on Bubble:

Here’s the app listing in the bdk native apps gallery:

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Hi! I can’t wait to release my BDK natice app! One question about the native push notification. So I see there is an action “BN push notification” and I want to use it. I already have a Onesignal account, and implemented the rest api key & app id to the BN plugin. The question now is how I can send a notification to a specific user?
Because I can see that I can target a user by “Player ID”, but I have no idea how I generate these Player IDs to each user, and I have no knowledge about onesignal.
I’ve read all the documentations and walked through the Bubble forum but couldn’t find a perfect explanation for integrating one signal to my BDK native app. PLEASE HELP ME OUT!

Just want to say you guys are doing great work and I’m a huge fan. I dropped all the wrappers I was working on (and got working), because your system is so much more seamless with bubble.

Update: This question has been resolved in the chat already, but posting a response just in case someone had similar question

You don’t need to generate the player ID in bdk native. It does all that for you. You simply need to store the appinfo element’s player ID in your database for the user.

Where to do this? this can be done by adding a simple element action ‘player ID received’ on the appinfo element and putting the Make changes to user step inside it

Thank you @zachenson ! Glad to hear that feedback as that’s certainly one of the key objectives behind building BDK Native :smiley:

Hi Gaurav - yes it’s working again! Thanks

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Hello, does this plugin have Ad Mob or anyway to natively monetize your app, or some kind of workaround if not.
Also, I’m assuming you can use workflows with your plugin?

Hi @hiyspyservices,

No Admob yet, but you can always monetize you app in other usual ways - list it as a paid app, offer in-app purchases if digital content, offer stripe etc. based purchases if not digital content

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Hey folks,

we recently added 3 more apps to the BDK Native Gallery for you to check out & get inspired by. The owners were kind enough to share these with the bubble community to help others looking to build a business on bubble + bdk native.

Roots Luxury:

  • Luxury real estate business app to take virtual tours and schedule appointments
  • Based in Turkey


  • Two sided marketplace for consumers & professionals (stylists, artists, personal trainers etc.)
  • Based in US


  • Meal management & tracking to lose weight, gain muscle or eat healthy
  • Based in UK

Cheers & Happy Bubbling,

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If you want to monetize your BDK app?

You can check a tutorial I just wrote about interstitial ads here.
I’ll soon add explanations for more ad type & providers with better CPM

I want an app developer to create an application for hindi blog. The app will be based on sarkari yojana and it must be in hindi text.