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[July 30 2020] BDK Native Apps v1.8 Released

Kindly post this in a separate / relevant thread @subhiparlo… this thread is related to BDK Native apps

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Hi, is it possible to use Firebase Cloud Messaging with BDK Native for push notification?

Well I certainly like how easy it was to setup and it seems to enable more functionality than does than Codeless Academy’s Native Plugin. However, I ran into an error on my login screen trying to use Google Auth. When I click on the google auth link Google gives me an error, according to the issue is google does not like webview useragents and wants you to emulate a browser, I am not sure if the BDK app is able to do that from within TestFlight? However, I would really love to get off the first screen.


@lindquisterik1 New to bubble and building with no code but would like to build an app for IOS and Android devices. It sounds like you have knowledge of both the codeless academy option or the BDK option. Do you recommend the BDK option? Have you completed an app using it? What was your experience? Thank you.

I am comparing features and functions and trying to demonstrate the benefits of nocode platform. But getting close to abandoning bubble and building from the ground up. To many limitations and generally poor documentation and slow support.

@lindquisterik1 Building with code? Or are you thinking of building on a different no-code platform?

I think we will stay with Bubble, solving more problems now. But still need BDK to change their useragent from Webview to Mozilla to enable properly using Google Oauth.