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[July 30 2020] BDK Native Apps v1.8 Released

Kindly post this in a separate / relevant thread @subhiparlo… this thread is related to BDK Native apps

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Hi, is it possible to use Firebase Cloud Messaging with BDK Native for push notification?

Well I certainly like how easy it was to setup and it seems to enable more functionality than does than Codeless Academy’s Native Plugin. However, I ran into an error on my login screen trying to use Google Auth. When I click on the google auth link Google gives me an error, according to the issue is google does not like webview useragents and wants you to emulate a browser, I am not sure if the BDK app is able to do that from within TestFlight? However, I would really love to get off the first screen.


@lindquisterik1 New to bubble and building with no code but would like to build an app for IOS and Android devices. It sounds like you have knowledge of both the codeless academy option or the BDK option. Do you recommend the BDK option? Have you completed an app using it? What was your experience? Thank you.

I am comparing features and functions and trying to demonstrate the benefits of nocode platform. But getting close to abandoning bubble and building from the ground up. To many limitations and generally poor documentation and slow support.

@lindquisterik1 Building with code? Or are you thinking of building on a different no-code platform?

I think we will stay with Bubble, solving more problems now. But still need BDK to change their useragent from Webview to Mozilla to enable properly using Google Oauth.

@lindquisterik1 Have you been able to find a solution to your Oauth problem with Google/Facebook? Would really appreciate you sharing it if you have

Hi @gaurav,
Thanks for the great plugin. Seems really useful. I have been looking at the features and am unable to figure out if the following functionality is supported:

Sharing info from another app to our native app. For example, currently I can share the URL from my mobile browser or a video link from YouTube to Whatsapp. I know we can already share info from our app to other apps i.e. we can be like the browser or YouTube in this example. But I want our app to be like Whatsapp in the example. Can this functionality be achieved using BDK native?


No I have not found a solution. The one that is presented represents significant liability and risk, and defeats the purpose of OAuth in that it actually copies the username and password rather than establishing and using the token.


I’m really new at this. And I am thinking of using it with an app. But I would like to have iOS widgets of my app.

Are iOS widgets possible? How?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :computer:

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Hi Gaurav,

Great plugin.

Like @lindquisterik1, I’m also using Google and Facebook OAuth login and also other apis inside app which requires OAuth.

Can you please suggest how we can implement this?

Also, @lindquisterik1 it will be great if you can share your solution.


We already integrate native push notifications as part of bdk native :slight_smile:

Hi @lindquisterik1,
Yes google doesn’t allow webview based oauth which bubble uses to sign in users. We can implement native google sign in but that would be pointless since there’s not a way to handoff the login midway to bubble. I do have a solution which will likely make it to next release (not the one I’m about to post about shortly).

If you’d like to help in some early testing of this specific feature, let me know your email via DM. I’ll invite you to a private testing group once the feature is ready for some public testing :slight_smile:

Adressed above.


Addressed above. If you’re interested in joining the group of pre-release testers for this feature DM me your email and I’ll share an invite when the feature is ready.

Not from the sharing intent stack. But do check out the release announcement I’ll post shortly :slight_smile:

You’re exactly right. That would be horrible idea to copy username and password :slight_smile: We would never implement such a workaround!

Not yet. Since these are relatively new, haven’t looked into iOS widgets yet

Addressed above. Do DM me your email so that I can invite you to private testing group for the feature once its’ ready.

Hi Folks,

Wrapping up this thread here. Just posted about the new version of BDK Native in this thread:


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I’ve problem with feature “Device went back online” => cannot get it to work, i have put a workflow for it and include a log detect, but when i tried, it did not show any log that the workflow was run