Just a few Ideas for Bubble

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to throw out some ideas for the Bubble team and @emmanuel. I love Bubble, but these are a few areas I would love to see improved.

1. Give us a “download all invoices” for a specific date range
Reasoning: For tax reasons, it would be really useful if we could download all invoices between a range of dates for tax filing purposes.

2. Upgrade Repeating Groups to allow for a built in customizable header with sorting
Reasoning: The current plugins are great, but they do lack a lot of functionality that I would like to see as core components of Bubble. Customizable built in headers, user sorting, and easy downloading of CSVs could really amp up the functionality of these groups.

3. Social-login default
Reasoning: Google and Microsoft authentication has become the standard login option for most SAAS applications. Bubble should make this a built-in feature.

4. Video tutorials for new features
Reasoning: The forum is full of amazing people that provide a large amount of support. However, I do find it hard sometimes to keep up with all the new features added to Bubble. I would really like to see a quick 5 minute video accompanying each new feature release. For example, Option Sets could have included a short use case video.


I agree on #2 big time as that’s my biggest issue with Bubble. I wish it had a built in feature to even create basic repeating groups, where you can just select all the fields you want it to display including ones from related data types, how wide you want them, default sorting by clicking the header, and absolutely export to CSV. I don’t understand why there’s no way in bubble to do a basic CSV export that includes fields from multiple related data types.


Agreed completely @lmoreau! It is time to incorporate some new repeating group features into the base system.

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For point 4 there is a seperate released features page. I agree with all of the other points.

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