Just can't set up custom domain with cloudflare correctly

Hi guys,

I searched all the forum about setting cloudflare with custom domain and followed it through,
setting up A records on cloudflare and leave it to DNS only.

seems like worked on bubble side:

and cloudflare will work for few minutes but fail soon later…
After I re start the process agin , it will loop again…

Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

Cloudflare just had an outage affecting Bubble. If everything is good from Bubble’s side, best thing to do would be to contact Cloudflare support through their chat and they’ll sort it out for you.

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CloudFlare reply me that I have to turn the Proxied on (not DNS only)
to activate their services,
But once I do that, bubble will show the bad DNS record …

Dead end again.

Hi @aslan.3a,

You can’t use Cloudflare proxy with Bubble because Bubble itself already uses Cloudflare on your app.

Thanks for replying
So I don’t need to purchase a paid plan on cloudflare?
For those Argo , image resizing … features?

Nope, even if you do you won’t have control over those settings on your Bubble site.

hi Johnny

I found this great post and solve my problem now…
It’s ok for us to apply cloudflare paid plan.

AFAIK you can use some Cloudflare features such as the apps (for cookies or ip blocking for example) and it works.

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