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When I start a new application I don’t get the “New Application Assistant”. I’ve bought a training course which would probably be quite helpful, unfortunately it starts with the Set up Assistant so I can’t really follow it!

Apologies for such a rookie question but I could really use some help!?


I’ve just created a new app and exactly the same thing is happening. It might be part of a raft of changes bubble have been introducing recently. From memory, I believe any of the settings that were in the app assistant can be found if you click on a page and open the element inspector. So it might not look the same but the values are there. If there is anything that you can’t find ask again.

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Thanks for getting back to me! When I create an app It’s also asking me if I want to update to a newer version… which I have been doing but is that normal?

… also (as I say real rookie here!) where is the element inspector? I know what it is but I can’t see it even after clicking on the page, maybe because the set up hasn’t run I don’t even have a canvas to inspect…??

Here’s a screen shot just incase thats helpful:

I know what the problem is now. I saw a post earlier today. It looks like bubble is doing some updating on the functionality that creates a new app and has broken some functionality.

I do get the prompt to update when I create a new app, it should actually be automatically choosing the latest version but my guess is that is something in the new app creation they have broken too. I’m sure they will get it all sorted again soon. They are aware because bug reports were filed.

The reason you are not seeing an element inspector is that due to another of those glitches where they are not creating an index (home) page for the app. Don’t panic. Things are not usually this bad and they are very careful not to make this sort of mistake on the live version your users would be using, but take less care on the editor which is only us :slight_smile: so less important. I guess it is a startign ground for their new engineers.

Meanwhile, go up to the top left. Create a new page. Then right click on the page and select Make this page the new index, and you should be good to go. You are just unfortunate that you picked a bad time to start.

We’re looking into this.

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Ok cool thanks Patricia!

Im not getting the option to “Make this page the new Index” but thats ok, at least I’ve got something to play around with until it’s up and running correctly!.. and it’s good to know I’m not just going crazy! : )

… thanks Emmanuel also for the confirmation.

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We just pushed a fix, sorry about this. If it’s a new application best is to delete and start over, and you’ll bee back to normal.


@rob2 - this won’t be your only frustration, but there is an excellent community here on the forum so you should get answers to your questions pretty rapidly.

As you are new here, I thought I’d point out that it is helpful if you mark the answer that solved your problem as the solution by checking the checkbox below the post. That enables other newbies when searching the forum to focus in on related questions that were solved. In this particular case, it does not matter since the problem is gone.

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Great thank you Patricia, you’ve been an amazing help! It all working fine now thanks…