Just launched FreeOKRs

I’m excited to share my first project that I’ve been working on for several months!


I’m a co-founder at a startup called Bananatag and we use Google Docs to set and track our OKRs which works well but has obvious limits.

I know there are many OKR tools available but many are fairly expensive and this seemed like a interesting and quick project to try to build on Bubble.

What started as a simple idea to explore what’s possible in Bubble just kept growing. Building on bubble has become a bit of an obsession and opened doors to creating things I never thought would be possible for me.

Thanks to the bubble team for creating such an amazing product!

I’d love to get any feedback from the bubble community on FreeOKRs before trying to get more people using it.

You can sign in easily with a Google login and create an account with demo data.


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Maybe don’t add the testimonial from a fake account. Fake testimonials are actually illegal in many countries. I know this is obviously pointed out that it is fake but it’s really a grey area.

Apart from that, design looks amazing but I’m unable to use the product right now (my fault nothing to do with the actual application) so I can’t give much feedback on that side of things.

Thanks for feedback on design!

I’ll double check those quotes too :wink: