Just Launched MVP - Book Sharing Platform

Hi guys,

I wanted to share with you Macondo.club. A peer to peer library I built on Bubble to help alleviate the crisis in Venezuela, where books are very expensive and most bookshops have closed down.

The project started a few months ago with a landing page and a few tweets - agile, trying to get some validation. Overnight the idea went viral on twitter and we started getting a fair bit of local media attention.

As a non-technical founder (Lawyer), without a budget, and determined to deliver the project to the growing number of people asking for it: I started learning Bubble. It has been a wild ride.

The learning curve is quite steep. I’ve spent many sleepless nights watching YouTube videos, reading the manual, going through udemy courses, etc. Kudos to the amazing Bubble community and all the content you create and share!

The App is in Alpha mode: users can only add books to the database at this stage. As I continue to work on the more complex search and matching features I will probably be here more. Thanks for your patience and help in advance!

It is truly amazing that now anyone can build out their ideas without needing to code and go to market with little to no money - what a time to be alive! Looking forward to connect with other people on similar journeys - I’m in Melbourne, Australia.


Since it’s for a good cause I might be able to reach out a helping hand if you need help with the UI/UX and the back-end.

At no charge :slight_smile:


This is nice @A380 . I hope your country will be out of the situation as soon as possible.

@nocodeventure is a really kind offer. The community is more beautiful with people like you


That would be amazing! So far I’ve been focusing on functionality over design, but I a painfully aware at how basic my design skills are. I’ll send you a private message :grinning:

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Sounds great. Looking forward to help you and you’re community out.

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Very cool! Congrats on this, wonderful to see ideas come to fruition to help the world.

I know you are still working on design but quick thing I noticed is the group that contains your login and register buttons has a white background that is overlapping your traveling nav bar. Click into it and make the group background transparent, or make sure it is within the nav bar height.

Design is subjective, but you don’t want anything glaringly erroneous to detract from the great mission you’re on!


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Thank you, we’ve checked and will definitely solve this.

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