Just launched my first SaaS on Bubble without a custom domain! (Workout Tracker)

I’m building a Workout Tracker on Bubble. The main goal is to track the progress of workouts and exercises without pen and paper. I’m actually thinking about launching without a domain and just promoting it on Bubble? What do you guys think?

I spent about 3 hours on the actual design process and about 4 hours on the back-end for storing exercises in the database. Initial price would be a lifetime payment for new users. I’m sharing some previews below. I would appreciate some ideas too!


I still need to integrate Stripe and add some basic content and a profile page. I expect to spend about 3-4 hours more on finishing the MVP. It will be a Web Application.

@nocodeventure Initial renderings looks to have a nice & clean UI. I think it’d be a cool idea to showcase that this was indeed built on bubble. Look forward to seeing the finished product! :slight_smile:

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Yea, I was thinking just to push without a domain. The new floating banner looks good. The domain is not that important in my opinion.

I’m also going to plant a tree for each paid signup so I can feel I’m delivering value to the community :smiley:

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Hi @lantzgould,

I’ve almost finished the MVP, still need to add a login/signup workflow with additional privacy rules for the app. It would be really awesome if you could take the time to review the app and let me know what features are lacking or if it’s sufficient for an MVP.

View Template Here



@nocodeventure PM Sent :slight_smile:

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Hey @nocodeventure !

I have to admit, I was working on a template project that had it’s colors as a similar orange lol. I think it stands out great.

Initial thoughts :

  1. Background image looks great in contrast with the white frost and overall theme.
  2. Looking at it from a ‘laptop’ size (using Chrome Dev) for 1280x950, everything looks to me laid out nicely.
  3. Load time is good.
  4. Intuitive design. Users will know where to go without wondering.
  5. Big fan of the fade in speed of the settings menu. Looks great.
  6. Settings menu options are nicely centered, and contrasts nicely with the slightly grayed ‘close’ menu that covers the rest of the page.

Ideas/Critiques :

  1. Have the background workout image take up the entire page. There’s a slight white space underneath that goes to the bottom of the page (see screen shot).

  1. Have the settings menu and grayed out close menu match the background size

  1. If you’re asking me to be picky, I’d have the top right menu options pushed a few px to the left (see screen shots) to match the padding of your logo and App Title

  1. If you’re making this mobile friendly, adjusting the width sizes will do (I know you already know this, but figured i’d include it in my notes)

Closing thoughts :

As an MVP, certainly does the trick. Easy to navigate, users will know what and where to click, and intuitive. After all, the whole point of an MVP is to design, develop, and adopt from user feedback after deployment :wink:

Great job, man! Keep up the great work.


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I just want to add I applied the fixes. I haven’t checked responsiveness on mobile yet, I forgot to do that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I moved the Settings Menu 5px from the right.

I just launched the business, created an advertising campaign on Facebook for $9 per day to get around 40 - 150 clicks per day.

I hope to get some good results!


Is this on a paid plan or hobby plan?

I went for the hobby plan just to validate if this would work. I don’t think a domain matters when starting an MVP. I just got a solid subdomain.

Congrats on the launch. Like your design and color choices.

My first thought when opening your app was - “Why do I want to create an account here? I have no idea if this is even something for me.”
I’m sure it’s a great app, but creating an account before I’ve done anything (or gotten some kind of value out of it) is a big turnoff for me.


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Hi Anders,

I appreciate the feedback and will certainly do something to improve your experience. I’ve launched this as an MVP so I thought I’d spend the least time to launch this, I will start adding new content on the front page in the next coming days.

Just added a pricing page for more convenience. I’m going to add more pages soon!