Just launched on Product Hunt, SAAS templates for Bubble for just $99

Hey Bubble,

I just launched 99SAAS on Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/99saas

I’ve made some templates available as SAAS products. The templates are built on Bubble. All the templates can help you get started to build a quick minimal value product that can easily grow into a bigger and more customized product.

99SAAS is here to help you kickstart your next SAAS idea!

You could also pre-order fully custom apps if you can’t find a template or upcoming template you need.

Build without code for people who want to start without code.

:heavy_check_mark: Start today without knowledge of code.
:heavy_check_mark: Unique, clean and easy to customize designs.
:heavy_check_mark: Ready in minutes!


Upvoted for you. You should put a banner section on the main page to apply for a newsletter subscription. I think that’s your core business, adding subscribers and share products, tips and more by email.

Awesome to see you didn’t use a custom domain. The new Bubble banner looks great.

Thanks! & Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Why is that awesome? Just curious. Not having your own domain just doesn’t look credible … in my opinion. I would second guess before buying anything…

Well, I think because I’m a bubble fanatic. I understand your point though :wink:

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You buy the templates straight form Bubble so trust shouldn’t be a problem :wink: Don’t think a custom domain makes a big difference in this case because it’s based on Bubble.

Hi, do you have any news regarding the peme app? it looks very interesting

It’s not in the bubble template store but I could transfer it to you?