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Just need some clarification

So, I have built a couple of little things here and there and I am ready to start my big project. My end goal is to have the web version as well as the app version that will be available in both the play store and Apple store.

I see people say often for mobile apps you want to do a single page with groups, which is my preferred method but for this project my plans are quite big and I believe I will need to do a couple of different pages.

Iā€™m just looking for clarification that having multiple pages will not stop the app from being accepted, or does everything have to be on one page??

Once loaded, Single page app will perform a little faster than multiple pages. Never seen any block by app stores due to multi page

For this reason, make your website and app together with different pages. Start creating your app first in 320x responsive pixel or higher. Then adapt for a full page. You will only have one application to maintain (tips).

When ready, use this free wrapper or others
10 min. to create a FREE native app with Bubble > iOS :large_blue_diamond: Android