Just released a major update to Kicky... all Bubble!

Super excited for our soft launch of our product.

With this one app built in Bubble, our users (artists) can:

  • Launch a website (including registering a custom domain)
  • Sell artwork through their site
  • Collect payments from customers
  • Automatically get a shipping label to print, and send tracking info
  • Post to social media platforms from one place (including scheduled posts)
  • Send and schedule emails to followers
  • Send a 5 drip sequence of welcome emails to new subscribers
  • Track unit economics and overhead costs
  • Review financial insights and history
  • Invite collaborators to their team and create/track tasks for different team members
  • Manage artwork inventory
  • Rent art

OMG I didn’t even mention the admin side of things for managing artists, tracking work orders to install art for rentals, and then take it down, handle payouts and pay-ins, and so much more.

I’m bragging for sure, but also really impressed that all of this was made possible (and easy) on Bubble!


Congrats, this looks great! I noticed in Gallery that the filter popup was partially offscreen for me when in mobile (Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, in Chrome browser, 384px wide). It looked fine in landscape and desktop mode.

Mobile Portrait:

Mobile Landscape:

Is this a group focus, a popup, or a floating group?

Did some more testing, it appears you’re using a Group Focus tied to the filter button, which is a good move, except for the responsive design moves that filter button to the left. Could you revise your design so that filter button is always on the right regardless of screen size?

Nice catch @msgiblin ! I put that into our (long) list of bugs to address!

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